Three new magazine articles added:
"Tyrone Power..Coming of Age", Photoplay (Australia), March 1951
"And It All Came True [The Rains Came]", Photoplay , October 1939
"The Golden Boy", Picturegoer [UK], Sep. 2, 1950
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14 new magazine articles added (ranging from the 30's to the 50's).
"In His Father's Footsteps", Picture Play, May 1937
"Revealing Tyrone Power's Darkest DaysRadio Mirror, Aug. 1937
"The Tyrone Powers at Home"Picturegoer (UK), Oct. 7, 1939
"They Said He Couldn't Do It" (Part 2)Screenland, Sep. 1939
"Letting Mr. Power Off the Leash"Picturegoer (UK), March 1, 1941
"Crash Dive" (film story adaptation)Picturegoer (UK), Sep. 4, 1943
"Tyrone, the Power, is Back!"Modern Screen, Aug. 1946
"The Stork Club"Modern Screen, Feb. 1948
"Hollywood Once Over-Tyrone and Annabella"Picturegoer (UK), Feb. 2, 1948
[PICTORIAL] "The Prince of Foxes"Picturegoer (UK), Nov. 12, 1949
"There's Too Much Love"Picturegoer (UK), March 17, 1951
"Tyrone Power Says Au Revoir, but not Goodbye"Picturegoer (UK), June 2, 1951
"Exploding Those Ty Linda Rumors"Silver Screen, Aug. 1953
"Ty's Trying Hard to Equal Dad"Picturegoer (UK), April 2, 1955
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New article added magazine articles.
"The Truth About Those Romances (Conclusion of "Life Story" of Tyrone Power," Picturegoer [UK], Oct. 21, '39
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Two new magazine articles have been added.
"The American Arliss," Pic, Nov. 15, '38
"Hello Stranger!" Movieland, Feb. '50

One page snippet--"Power-Ful Dynasty",
Spotlights has also been added.
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Three new magazine articles have been added.
"More Power!--Tyrone III Carries On," Liberty, Aug. 21, '37
"My Friend, Richard Greene" Screen Life, Apr. '40
"Mr. Power Prefers To Be Alone" Film Review, Oct. '56
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Seven (7) new magazine articles have been added.
"La Marca del Zorro," Cinelandia [Spain], November 1940
"Log of the Geek," Modern Screen, March 1948
The Black Rose article
"Gentleman of Leisure," Movieworld, January 1953
"Goodnight Sweet Prince," Life Stories, No. 9, 1959
"Ljubav I Smrt Jajrona Pauera," Filmski [Czech.], March 4, 1961
"Prica O Tajronu Paueru," Filmski [Czech.], February 4, 1965
[added: March 11, 2011]