New Pictorial Film Guide to "Marie Antoinette" Film Weekly [UK mag.] added to the Magazine Articles page.
[added: Oct. 22, 2008]

70 new magazine covers from the 30's, 40's and 50's, respectively, have been added to the press pages. (Scroll down and lood for the mag. covers with the "new" icon next to them.)
Press: The 30's
Press: The 40's
Press: The 50's & post
[added: Oct. 16, 2008]

Cinegram/Program for "Love is News" added.
[added: Oct. 9, 2008]

One article and a Spanish commerative newspaper published at the time of Tyrone Power's death have been added.
[SPANISH COMMEMORATIVE NEWSPAPER] "Fallecio el Actor Tyrone Power Ayer" Cine Mundial, Noviembre '58
"With Thanks to Broadway New York" , Modern Screen, 3/37
[added: Sep. 22, 2008]

The rare soundtrack to "Pony Soldier" has just been released the the always wonderful, "Varese Sarabande." One of Alex North's ("Spartacus", "Cleopatra") nice earlier scores. Pony Soldier [Varese Sarabande]

[added: Sep. 20, 2008]

The TYRONE POWER MATINEE IDOL COLLECTION is now available for purchase. 10 never before released films on DVD! (Cafe Metropole/Girls Dormitory/Johnny Apollo/Daytime Wife/Luck of the Irish/Ill Never Forget You/That Wonderful Urge/Love Is News/This Above All/Second Honeymoon).

[added: Aug. 2, 2008]

New page added for fan art. If you have any art work you would like to submit, please send me an e-mail and it will be added to the page. Fan Art Page
[added: July 19, 2008]

June 2008 issue of "America in WWII" features Tyrone Power & Betty Grable on the cover.

[added: May 8, 2008]

15 new Magazine Articles added from the 40's & 50's and 70's. Enjoy!:
"The Real Truth About the Sonia Henie, T. Power, Loretta Young Triangle" , Movie Mirror, 6/37
"Everybody's Happy" , Screen Book, 8/37
"Why Should I Marry?", Modern Screen, 8/38
"Tyrone Power - Projections", Silver Screen, 1/38
"Tyrone Learns from Clark", Photoplay, 9/39
"Tyrone Power: A Right Guy in the Wrong Roles", Screen Book, 5/39
"Do You Forgive Tyrone?" , Picture Place, 9/39
"On Location with Ty & Gene", Silver Screen, 2/42
"Jesse James-Pictorial", Modern Movies, 9/40
"End of a Dream", Modern Screen, 2/47
"The Flying Filthy Five", Modern Screen, 2/47
"If This Isn't Love...", Modern Screen, 4/48
"The Next Mrs. Tyrone Power?", Screenland, 12/48
"Never Meant to Last", Movie Stars, 1/55
"Tyrone Power: He Died with His Dream Unfulfilled" , Motion Picture, 6/71
[added: May 4, 2008]

Now available for pre-order is the soon-to-be released (May 13) 3-DVD set, "The Fox Western Classics." Set includes, "Rawhide" / "The Gunfighter" / "The Garden of Evil"!

[added: March 5, 2008]

Six new Magazine Articles added:

[Pictorial] "IN OLD CHICAGO" Pictureshow, Oct. 1, '38
[Pictorial] "SUEZ" Picturegoer, Nov. 19, '38
[Pictorial] "JESSE JAMES" Pictureshow, Aug. 19, '39
[Pictorial] "THE RAINS CAME" Pictureshow, Feb. 10, '40
"LET'S KISS THE PLAYBOYS GOODBYE" Picturegoer, Dec. 13, '41
[Pictorial] "THE HOUSE IN THE SQUARE" Pictureshow, Jan. 19, '52
[added: January 29, 2008]

Recently released wonderful book by film historian Jeanine Basinger, entitled, "The Star Machine." The book includes an insightful and illuminating chapter on Tyrone Power, called Disillusionment: Tyrone Power.

[added: January 24, 2008]