9 new cinegrams / specialty bks have been added to the Miscellaneous pages.
[added: Oct. 17, 2006]

A new section has been added to the Miscellaneous pages: "Cinegrams / Specialty Bks." (scroll down to find cinegrams, etc.) (More to be added later.) IN OLD CHICAGO / Cinegram
[added: Oct. 6, 2006]

Two-page pictorial article added, from Screenland, Apr. 1938A HOME OF HIS OWN
[added: Oct. 2, 2006]

The 1937 film starring, Loretta Young, Janet Gaynor and Tyrone Power, "Ladies in Love" will be shown Saturday, October 7th at the
Harvard Film Archive
[added: Sep. 18, 2006]

New pages added to the Miscellaneous section featuring one-page 'highlights/spotlights' that appeared in print throughout Tyrone Power's career.
[added: Sep. 8, 2006]

Two new articles added. A pictorial from '39 and a more recent article on "Nightmare Alley."
[added: Sep. 7, 2006]

Article added on the making of "Solomon & Sheba," from Movie Collector 1994 mag., THE EPIC THAT NEARLY WAS
[added: July 27, 2006]

New pictorial article added: Movie Life, Sep. 1950 "Movie Life," Sep. 1950
[added: July 11, 2006]

New article added: Movieland Nov. '50; "Ty's Back in Uniform" "Movieland," Nov. 1950
[added: July 6, 2006]

New article added: Picturegoer [U.K. mag.] "Picturegoer" Dec. 8, 1951
[added: Jun. 27, 2006]

New article added: Photoplay July '37 (part 1 of 3 articles) "Photoplay," July 1937"
[added: Jun. 15, 2006]

New newspaper article written upon TP's death added. " Actor Tyrone Power Dies at 45 After Heart Attack on Spanish Lot
A smaller nspr. item, also from 15 Nov. '58, has also been added, entitled, RITES FOR AN ACTOR
[added: May 31, 2006]

New magazine article added from 1943. "Screen Guide" Jan. '43
[added: May 24, 2006]

New page added: "Miscellaneous." Contains particularly rare info. on the honorary degree that T. Power received 1948 from the Univ. of Tampa, FL. A hearty thank you to Kerry for providing all of this information! Miscellaneous
[added: May 23, 2006]

13 new magazine articles ranging from the 30's to the early 70's, have been added. Magazine Articles
[added: May 16, 2006]

On March 6, 2007, "Jesse James" was reissued on dvd and "The Sun Also Rises," was released on dvd for the first time. Both can be ordered from Amazon.com, Moviesunlimited.com, Criticschoicevideo.com, deepdiscountdvd.com, among other vendors.

[added: March, 2006]

New page added: "Advertising"; includes posters, lobby cards and post cards. An additional page of ads will be added later. Advertising
[added: February 5, 2006]

CD Soundtrack of "SON OF FURY is available from SCREEN ARCHIVES Son of Fury
[added: January 23, 2006]

New newspaper article added. Multi-part article appeared in the NY Post on Dec. 1, 1958 The Tyrone Power Story,", NY Post Dec. '58
[added: January 20, 2006]

New page added to the "Sources" section Rare Videos that features a list of vendors who offer extremely rare videos. Many Tyrone Power films, not available anywhere else, may be found through some of these distributors.
[added: January 4, 2006]