Power in "Mister Roberts"
March 8, 1950

It's in the bag for Tyrone Power to act the role created by Henry Fonda in the forthcoming London production of "Mister Roberts." Leland Hayward, sponsor of the Thomas Heggen-Joshua Logan dramatization, said so yesterday. As explained by him, it's merely a matter of dates and some juggling to fit in everything. By the end of the week all adjustments will have been made. London probably will examine the play about life on a U.S. Navy cargo ship in the Pacific around Aug. 1. It goes without saying that Mr. Logan will duplicate his masterful staging for the other side. Mr. Power came close to acting here this season. He was asked to portray the part now acted by Maurice Evans in "The Devil's Disciple," but committments interfered. It seems only hit roles are offered to Mr. Power.

Busy Man, That Logan

For a long time Joshua Logan, ace director and adaptor, has had his heart set on devoting himself exclusively to writing after launching the elaborate production of "Mister Roberts" in London where it opens July 18. He was eager to bring forth an original play, a dramatization or a musical version of the Stephen Vincent Bennet story "The Sobbin' Women," and an adaptation of an undisclosed novel. How soon he can accomplish his heart's desire is uncertain at present.

Why? He is giving serious thought to the following projects: Putting on a French counterpart of "Roberts" for the Parisian trade, directing a play for the Habimah Theatre in Israel and one for our armed forces in Japan.

Besides Tyrone Power in the title role, the London company of "Roberts" is to include Jackie Cooper (Ensign Pulver) and George Mathews (Captain). A member of the troupe now stationed in Boston, Mr. Cooper will give up his assignment to Don Fellows on June 5. Another major switch there on that date will find Curtis Cooksey in the role now played by James Rennie. Talking abut changes, note that Paul Stewart joins the local aggregation today, assuming the role vacated by Henry Hull.

Only sixteen American performers, among the three graduates of the America Academy of Dramatic Arts, will be sent over for the West End reproduction. The entire cast will number sixty-six. Instead of having three decks, as intended, the U.S. Navy cargo ship AK601 will utilize four, and the curtain won?t be lowered to allow for scene changes. All of which gives one an idea of the spectacular gloss that is being imparted.

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New York Herald Tribune
"Mr. Roberts" for Power

Tyrone Power is looking forward to a respite from film work after "American Guerrilla in the Philippines" with a stage appearance in "Mr. Roberts" in London. In Hollywood yesterday, the actor pointed out that, including the just completed "Rawhide," "The Black Rose," made in Africa last year, and the forthcoming "Guerilla," he will have a backlog of three unreleased pictures to his credit. "These should give me plenty of time for a stage venture," he said. "I think 'Mr. Roberts' is a great play and have talked to Leland Hayward about the London production. If all the details can be worked out, I hope to be able to stay with it for at least six months." Power added that he will leave Wednesday for Honolulu en route to the Philippines for "Guerilla" and that he expected to be finished with the Ira Wolfert story in time to get to London in the early summer for "Mr. Roberts."

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London's 'Mister Roberts'

Londoners will witness a vastly altered version of "Mister Roberts" when it opens there July 19. Before he departs for the other side tomorrow Joshua Logan disclosed that he has brought the play up to date. Additional material from the book has been inserted. Inasmuch as the curtain will be lowered at intermission only, a continuity of dialogue has been provided to bridge the gap between scenes. A prologue has been written to be spoken by Russell Collins. Its efficacy will be tested during eight previews before being tacked onto the play. Among the members of the London company accompanying. Mr. Logan will be Tyrone Power, Jackie Cooper, Mr. Collins and George Mathews.

Regarding the filming of "Mister Roberts" Mr. Logan has a novel scheme in mind. He is anxious to do an experimental movie first next spring to try out various theories he would like to incorporate in the "Mister Roberts" picture.

By the way, his plan to stage a play for Israel's Habimah Theatre has been put off until next year.

August 9, 1950

Twentieth Century Fox has borrowed Peter Lawford from Metro for the leading role in "Kangaroo," a film about Australia of fifty years ago, which Lewis Milestone will direct in the antipodes next month. Lawford will take the part previously scheduled for Tyrone Power, who is now busy in the London stage production of "Mister Roberts."

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