Tyrone, Annabella Affair Brings Storm--High-Handed Movie Moguls Nearly Wreck 'Liliom'

Power in "Mister Roberts";3/8/50
"Busy Man, That Logan"
New York Herald Tribune, 'Mister Roberts' for Power
London's "Mister Roberts"
[Mister Roberts] Aug. 1950

"New Drama Quartet Out With 'John Brown's Body'"; Nov. 1, 1953
Newspaper Notice
Newspaper Article
Newspaper Notice
Choral Group Signed; 09/30/52
Raymond Massey Returned; 09/30/52
Newspaper Notice; 10/17/52
'John Brown's Body' Premiere-Benet Stages
'John Brown's Body Given; 12/16/52
'John Brown's Body-Epic Poem Booked at Century; 12/24/52
Coast Cites 'Four Poster'; 01/09/53
Fund for School Will Gain; 01/16/53
Civil War Drama Arrives Tonight; 02/01/53
Anne Baxter to Join Tour; 03/16/53
New Drama Quartet Out with JBB-They'll Tour the Land as 'Don Juan' Did; 11/01/53
Summer Tour Set for Tyrone Power
It's a Different Power in 'John Brown's Body'
Newspaper Notice; 03/25/53
"Power Going 'Long Hair'"

"Power & Glory; Seasoned Actor Takes A Timely Inventory
Ny Newspaper Notice ; [date unknown]
"Power & Miss Cornell Star; She Gave Him Start"
Newspaper Notice; 12/20/54
Newspaper Notice; 01/03/55
Newspaper Notice; [date unknown]
Newspaper Notice ;[date unknown]
"Theatre Benefit Will Assist Blind"
WA, DC-Tyrone Power's Illness Delays Opening Here
Tyrone Power Ailing; Fry Play to Postpone
Newspaper Notice ;[date unknown]
Newspaper Notice; [date unknown]
Fry Play Slated to Open Feb. 23; New Date Set/Due to Tyrone Power's Illness
Power's Illness Postpones Opening of New Fry Play
Newspaper Notice; Feb. 1955
Fry's Play Bows at ANTA Tonight; Feb. 23, '55
Newspaper Notice; 02/28/55
A Nosegay for An Actress; George Jean Nathan's Theatre Week; March 12, 1955; New York Journal-American
Newspaper Notice; 03/16/55
"Tyrone Power: Man In Search of Himself"; 03/18/55
Newspaper Notice-Tyrone Power Buys Play; 03/31/55
Tyrone Power Has Choice; 04/06/55
Newspaper Notice; 05/06/55
The Legend of the Tyrones; 05/19/55
Power's Progress - Tyrone Realizes Understudy's Dream, Co-Stars With Cornell in New Fry Play "CUE," 01/29/55 ; 01/29/55

"The Devil's Disciple" at the Winter Garden "THEATRE WORLD," Dec. 1956
"The Devil's Disciple" at the Winter Garden Theatre "PLAYS & PLAYERS," Jan. 1957

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