Tyrone Power worked in the heyday of film composition and his studio had some of the best film composers under contract. Unfortunately, the CD selections that are available aren't particularly large for Power films (with many brilliant scores, a.k.a. Alfred Newman's, "The Mark of Zorro", "Blood and Sand" and the like, have yet to be released on CD. Hopefully this will change in the near future.) As for his radio work, his wonderfully resonant voice made him a much sought after radio guest. Many (if not all) of the Lux Radio performances have been released on CD and are easy to obtain.

This is by all means not a definitive list but only what I am cognizant of at this time; thus, please feel free to e-mail if you know of any recordings/LP's/CD's that are not listed here. [Don't overpay on auction sites. Instead check Amazon.com, "Film Score Monthly.com", or your local (used or chain)CD store(s) to monitor availability.]

Courtesy of Ray Faiola/AV. Thank you.

New release of the complete score of, "The Black Swan." The complete 68 minute score issued on CD, produced by Chelsea Rialto Studios and released through Screen Archives Entertainment.

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Courtesy of AV. Thank you.

New release of Alred Newman's tremendous score, "CAPTAIN FROM CASTILE." The first "officially licensed" release of this music. Contains many never before heard pieces. br>

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Alred Newman's grand score, "THE PRINCE OF FOXES." Limited Edition CD. Orginal Soundtrack recording. 15 Page Booklet comes with CD; 24 selections.

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Franz Waxman's, "UNTAMED." Limited Edition CD of 3,000.

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Courtesy of AV. Thank you.

"ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND" first time CD release. The CD is being produced from the original music masters preserved in the Fox Music.

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CD: Black Swan / Son of Fury

Limited Edition CD Quality Sound #14. Two scores composed and conducted by Alfred Newman. Newly released; check with local chains, a.k.a. Tower Records, HMV, Virgin Records, etc.

CAPTAIN FROM CASTILE CD. Another tremendous score by Alfred Newman. Newly released; check with local chains, a.k.a. Tower Records, HMV, Virgin Records, etc.

LP: The Razor's Edge

LP/Record of "The Razor's Edge"

LP/Record featuring the double soundtracks of, "Golden Earrings" and "Blood and Sand". However if you're after Alfred Newman's tremendous score of the latter, unfortunately this isn't it. The record contains the songs by Vicente Gomez that were used in the film, only. Great songs yes, but disappointingly not Newman's score. Can be obtained through auction sites and/or used LP stores.

GOLDEN EARRINGS by Victor Young/BLOOD AND SAND Music and Lyrics by Vicente Gomez; Original Motion Picture Soundtracks; Side One "Golden Earrings;" recorded November 15th and December 13, 1947; released as 10" Decca LP DL-5380 Side Two: "Blood and Sand;" recorded July 1, 1941; released as 12" Decca LP DL-8481. Manufactured by Varese Sarabande Records through the courtesy of MCA REcords, Inc.

"THE GREAT FILM SCORES OF ALFRED NEWMAN"; Splendid LP containing original soundtrack excerts from Alfred Newman's scores. Actual motion picture soundtrack recording [not a re-recording]. Easily attainable through auction sites and used LP stores.

"THE EDDY DUCHIN STORY"; LP/Record; Original motion picture soundtrack. Many versions of this popular soundtrack (and smash film) were churned out; this one was being released postumously(!) Easily attainable through auction sites and used LP stores. 1959 Decca Records DL-8289 Mono

"THE EDDY DUCHIN STORY"; Another version of the Original Soundtrack. Brunswick Record LAT8119.

"EDDIE DUCHIN FAVORITES." Not the soundtrack but "favorites played by Milton Stanley." Sporting a seductive cover with a sensuouly-posed Kim Novak, the makers of this version decided to stand out from the crowd even more by mispelling "Eddy's" name (!) Acorn Records No. 673.

"THE EDDY DUCHIN STORY" A bit trickier to find, this LP offers "Original Eddy Duchin Recordings--Soundtrack featuring Tyrone Power." Columbia Records No. CL 790.

"THE SUN ALSO RISES" LP; not the original motion picture soundtrack but "music from the soundtrack." Conducted by Lionel Newman; Musical Adaptation-HUGO FRIEDHOFER.

"ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND" Excellent original soundtrack recording and completely thorough featuring each & every song featured in the film. A bit 'staticky', in sound, but still excellent. "Hollywood Soundstage Records"; No. 406.

"ROSE OF WASHINGTON SQUARE / FOOTLIGHT SERENADE" Dual original soundtracks of "The Rose of Washingto Square" (Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, Al Jolson, respectively) and "Footlight Serenade" (Betty Grable Victor Mature and John Payne, respectively). Another nice vintage soundtrack with great songs particularly by the great Al Jolson. Limited Issue Lp on Caliban Records No. 60021.

Courtesy of Vicki. Thank you.

Power gives an extremely exciting reading of Byron's poetry; proving how underrated a theatre/recording artist he truly was! Included are, "Don Juan," "She Walks in Beauty," "On This Day I Complete my 36th Year," "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (Canto III and Canto IV)." Originally released as a Record/Phono Album. Has been digitally remastered as a CD.

Courtesy of Vicki. Thank you.

LP/Recording of the theatre play of the same name starring Tyrone Power, Judith Anderson and Raymond Massey. Effective reading by all cast members. Easy to obtain--cheaply--via auction site(s) and used LP stores.

Stephen Vincent Benet's, "JOHN BROWN'S BODY"; Adapted and Directed by Charles Laughton; Music and Effects by Walter Schumann; Choral Director; Richard White; Soloists: Betty Benson, Soprano; Roger Miller, Bass. RECORDED April 7, 1953, in Columbia's Thirteith Street Studio, New York City.

All photos, such as the one above can be ordered from Allen Vuchetich via E-Mail:


Allen Vuchetich has an absolutely massive collection of photo negatives (to the left is just one sample of the hundreds of photos that Allen has available to order!). During the 70's he purchased the negative stock of many photographic archives that either were going out of business or selling their stock. As a result, he has an indescribably large collection of negatives of Tyrone Power photos (among others!). The quality is pristine also as the photos are made directly from their respective negative. Mr. Vuchetich can be reached via e-mail [he's very prompt at answering!] and photos can be directly ordered from him.

Eight Steps to Peace
16mm Film

Tyrone Power did promotional work throughout his career (the most ironic, not mention the saddest, was a promotional for the "American Heart Association" a year before he died). This is a short on 16mm reel film from the "How the UN Works" short series. Title says it all. 16MM Reel Film. "World Law United Nations." "Eight Steps to Peace With Host Tyrone Power." Short 600 Feet Reel Black and White.

BIOGRAPHY (A&E Channel). A&E's excellent Biography series profiling Tyrone Power. His ex-wives and daughter share their memories while co-stars Piper Laurie, Alice Faye, Roddy McDowall recall his on-screen persona. 1 Vol; 50 minutes; www.AandE.com

HOLLYWOOD SEX SYMBOLS. Tabloidish video but still worth a peek :-). Running time is 40 minutes and along with Tyrone Power featured are Rudolph Valentino, Mae West, Clark Gable, Rita Hayworth, Sophia Loren, Cary Grant, Paul Newman, Jayne Mansfield, Elvis Presley, Brigitte Bardot, Robert Redford and Marilyn Monroe.

HOLLYWOOD HEAVEN TRAGIC LIVES TRAGIC DEATHS. Another somewhat trashy 'documentary' video. Along with Tyrone Power others featured are Rudolph Valentino, Natalie Wood, Steve McQueen, Clark Gable, Rita Hayworth, James Dean, Alan Ladd, Marilyn Monroe, etc.