Unfortunately, despite the superstar status he enjoyed during his career, Tyrone Power is not as revered today as are some of his other peers from that era, i.e. Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn, etc. As a result, there has not been a major biography on him in over twenty years. Thankfully, some magazines seem to pick up where the books leave off, as many articles on his films/career, etc., have cropped up (and continue to do so) over the years. Many of the books, listed below, are out of print but many are easily accessible in used bookstores and on-line. One can avoid bidding wars on venues such as eBay, by visiting your local used bookstore or other on-line sites (despite the 'rare' status of some of these books, many do show up at eBay, Amazon, Arbis Books, etc.).
Page 2 has an audiovisual selection. Only unusual/uncommmon videos/DVDs will be listed. Like the "Filmography," [Section] nothing can be added that can't be readily found by simply requesting the title at Amazon.com or your local video store, for that matter. Each does a brilliant job of what is available, or not, and a list here would simply be reduntant. [For extremely rare videos/dvd's, however, a listing on Page 3, might be of assistance.] LP's, Radio Performances, etc., however, are not as commonly available and the ones that are known, are listed. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you'd like to make any additions/corrections.

Wonderful new book by film historian Jeanine Basinger with a perceptive and illuminating chapter on Tyrone Power entitled, "Disillusionment: Tyrone Power." Excellent reading.


The grandaddy of all Tyrone Power film books and a must have for any Power fan. A splendid source for all his films radio & television work. Chock full of black and white photos with a detailed analysis of all the films, credits, etc. First half of the book is a detailed biography. Has some printing/continuity errors (literally as some paragraphs will jump a few ahead & then pickup continuity 2-3 paragraphs after!) but still the definitive Tyrone Power film book. Put out by the splendid "Citadel Press" Films of series. Out-of-print but shows up on eBay frequently and can also be attained via on-line used bookstores (not to mention the venerable used book store, itself).

THE FILMS OF TYRONE POWER" by Dennis Belafonte with Alvin H Marill. Foreward by Henry King. 224 Pages. Citadel Press. First edition: 1979. ISBN No.: 0-8065-0477-3

Courtesy of John. Thank you.

If you buy no other Tyrone Power book, this should be it. Privately published by Gary Hamann, it's a compilation of positively everything that was published on Power from the major Hollywood and L.A. press during the 30's! To say this is exhaustive research would be an understatement. Gary Hamman's T. Power research for this decade cannot be topped. Also contains many theatre ads, newspaper ads, ads for Power movie premiers, etc. (all in black and white). Truly a beauty of a book and clearly rare and one of a kind. Gary Hamman has done the same for a large number of stars and directors and all his books are excellent! 105 Pages.

TYRONE POWER IN THE 30's; Edited by Gary D. Hamann. Can be obtained only through Mr. Hamann himself. E-Mail: GDHamann@Juno.Com


Biography by Fred Laurence Guiles. Written in cooperation with Tyrone Power's family (his three wives, Annabella, Linda Christian and Deborah Minardos, his daughters, Taryn and Romina, friend Watson Webb and many of his colleagues, respectively). At 389 pages it is thoroughly researched while containing many black and white photographs. A treat, is the estimable Filmography at the end of the book which contains unbiased, short and thoroughly entertaining critiques of each Tyrone Power film. Bibliography / Index. Out-of-Print but can be obtained very cheaply through eBay (it shows up frequently!)

"TYRONE POWER: The Last Idol" by Fred Laurence Guiles; Doubleday Press; 389 Pages, 93 photographs w/ Filmography/Index/Bibliography; First Edition: 1979 ISBN No.: 0-385-14383-4

Recent Edition of Fred Laurence Guiles' Biography

Paperback edition of Fred Laurence Guiles' Biography

This is a very unusual tome on this legendary matinee idol and Hollywood star. It was the first book to present not only Power as a Hollywood star, but delve into the many complexities which made him not only a beloved Hollywood star, but also a troubled man and dedicated actor. Highly recommended for those who want to know about Power's stage training before being lured to Hollywood and the many reasons he was admired on stage, particularly for his deeply resonant voice. This biography was perhaps the first to reveal Tyrone Power's inner conflict and battles with his mutual attraction to both men and women and the desire to be loved by both; feelings that troubled him throughout his life. ".....this is the first biography which tries to show how these intense feelings influenced everything he did, whether it was his many roles on film, radio, and stage, or in his personal relationships with both men and women, and lifetime dreams and goals, in addition to his drinking and smoking habits, which obviously shortened his life. Highly recommended reading for those not only interested in Tyrone Power the actor, but also the man behind those unforgettable creations on both stage and screen, making him a favorite actor of millions of fans throughout the world not only during his lifetime, but to this very day.
~~Comments by Jerry W. Thank you.


Paperback version of Hector Arce's, "The Secret Life of Tyrone Power" [4?x7]; 1979 contains 290 pages

Courtesy of Valerie. Thank you.

Autobiography written by Tyrone Power?s second wife, Linda Christian. Half of the book is devoted to her relationship with Power.

LINDA CHRISTIAN: My Own Story. Paperback [only] 256 pages. Dell Publishing Co. First Edition: 1962

Hardcover version of Linda Christian's Autobiography. Contains photos, unlike the paperback version.

LINDA CHRISTIAN: My Own Story. 280 pages. Crown Publishing Co. First Edition: 1962

Delicious book on the filming of the '39 classic, "Jesse James" in Pineville, Missouri (Missouri Ozarks and surrounding McDonald County Communities). Along with the "authentic historical recollection" that was compiled and edited by Larry Bradley, is inside info. on the effect filming had on the locals. Everything from housing accomodations, how locals played extras in the film, historical locations used, etc. A treat of a book filled with terrific photos--many rare and never before seen. A rare and hard to find book but it will show up on eBay on ocassion.

20th CENTURY FOX'S Production of "Jesse James" [also "Belle Starr"] BY LARRY C. BRADLEY Originally Filmed in Technicolor in 1938 at Pineville, Missouri.; Published 1970, McDonald County Press, Noel, Mo. 65 Pages; Illustrated.
Courtesy of Mary. Thank you.

Updated, and largely expanded version of the previous Larry C. Bradley's "Making of.." Jesse James book. As charming as the earlier book was, Mr. Bradley has outdone himself with this one. Huge at 148 pages, it's emensely detailed on the day to day filming of when the Fox crew arrived in town to film, "Jesse James." Along with technical accounts are the behind-the-scenes incidents, i.e. Tyrone Power getting mobbed by the locals, etc. Great book; contains many black and white photos.

JESSE JAMES: THE MAKING OF A LEGEND [The Drama of a Legend in the Spotlight] BY LARRY C. BRADLEY Larren Publishers, Nevada Missouri. First Edition 1980. ISBN NO.: 0-9604370-0-2

Click Here to Read Excerts of Chapter 3, "Preparations"
Click Here to Read Excerts of Chapter 4, "The Making of Jesse James"
Courtesy of Vicki. Thank you.

German actress Mai Zetterling had an affair with Power in the late 50's when they did "Abandon Ship" together. A substantial affair for both of them, she dedicates a full 18 page chapter to this relationship entitled, "Night Messages: Tyrone the Magnificent," in "exact, explicit detail." Nicely reviewed when originally published.

ALL THOSE TOMORROWS: An Autobiography by MAI ZETTERLING; ISBN: 0-394-55602-x; Out-of-Print.

During the seventies the wonderful writing team of James Robert Parish and Don E. Stake turned out some of the most unique film books ever put in print. Extremely well researched and written, while highlighting stars that weren't such obvious choices either (i.e. Jane Greer, Lupe Velez, etc.). The book consists of eight self-contained biographies. Along with Tyrone Power, the other seven "swashbucklers" are Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Errol Flynn, Ronald Colman, Victor Mature, Cornel Wilde, Stewart Granger and Tony Curtis. Each chapter is a comprehensive review of their lives, films and careers. Featured photos, critical reviews, complete case and credits and insightful and informative background discussion by the book's authors. Also includes excellent biographical information for each star. Still, interest wanes a bit after the "top four" [i.e. Fairbanks, Flynn, Power and Coleman]. Some other books by Parish and/or Stake are: "The Debonairs", "The Fox Girls," "The Paramount Pretties," "The Glamour Girls," "The Funsters," "The RKO Gals" "The Tough Guys," ?The MGM Stock Company," "The Slapstick Queens," "God Dames," "Hollywood's Great Love Teams" (see below-great book!) et al. Out-of-Print.


Another great James Robert Parish book (see above for other books by this author). Huge at 828 pages it has an extremely in-depth detailed synopsis of each film made by these cinematic teams. Films are analyzed/reviewed followed by a Postcript. Also has several rare black and white photos for each acting couple. Filmography for each star along with short vital statistics/personal info. THE TEAMS ARE: Vilma Banky & Ronald Colman; Greta Garbo & John Gilbert; Janet Gaynor & Charles Farrell; Joane Crawford & Clark Gable; Jean Harlow & Clark Gable; Ruby Keeler & Dick Powell; Bette Davis & Leslie Howard; Claudette Colbert & Fred MacMurray; Jeanette Macdonald & Nelson Eddy; Olivia DeHavilland & Errol Flynn; Margaret Sullavan & James Stewart; Loretta Young & Tyrone Power; Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney; Ann Sheridan & James Cagney; Greer Garson & Walter Pidgeon; Lana Turner & Clark Gable; Katharine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy; Veronica Lake & Alan Ladd; Maria Montez & Jon Hall; June Allyson & Van Johnson; Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart; Janet Leigh & Tony Curtis; Deborah Kerr & David Niven; Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman; Doris Day & Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton. Out-of-Print.

HOLYWOODS GREAT LOVE TEAMS BY JAMES ROBERT PARISH; Rainbow Books; First Edition: 1974; 828 Pages; ISBN No.: 0-89508-004-4 [previously: ISBN: 0-87000-245-7].

CHILDREN OF HOLLYWOOD: Accounts of Growing Up as the Sons and Daughters of Stars (Paperback), by Michelle Vogel.

From the Editors of Amazon.com: Living in the shadow of a famous parent can have powerful effects, from professional opportunities to pressure so great it leads to suicide. Some children of stars are proud of their roots while others live in secrecy. This is a rare look into the private lives of the children (and, in a few cases, grandchildren) of these classic Hollywood icons, revealing the stresses and inspirations of living with great performers who may or may not have been great parents.......this work tells the best and worst of growing

Terrific and critically acclaimed British [BOOK] series put out in the late seventies [reprinted in the 80s entitled: CINEMA AND SOCIETY. (Others in the series are "Visions of Yesterday," "Hollywood Goes To War" "Ancient Epics".) Academic analysis/critique of practically every swashbuckler ever made. Obscure films get the same insightful treatment as the classics. Profusely illustrated throughout with black and white photographs. Tyrone Power's, "The Mark of Zorro, "The Black Swan," "Captain from Castile" and "The Black Rose" are all analyzed and assessed in detail.

SWORDSMEN OF THE SCREEN: From Douglas Fairbanks to Michael York BY JEFFREY RICHARDS [Cinema and Society Series] Great Britain Pub.: Routledge & Kegan Paul, Ltd., London U.S. Pub.: Henley and Boston. First Edition: 1977. 296 Pages. ISBN No.: 0-7100-8478-1

Another offering from the [Films of..series] Citadel Books, this one being Tony Tomas's "The Great Adventure Films." Tony Thomas has selected his versions of the greatest swashbuckling films of all time and it's an fairly well-rounded list at that. Along with Tyrone Power's "The Mark of Zorro", "Captain from Castille" are Errol Flynn's, "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "The Lives of a Bengal Lancer", "Beau Geste" and much more. Mainly a picture book with not too much detail devoted to each chapter/film. Nevertheless the selections are strong and credence is lent to such largely forgotten films such as "Zulu", "the Naked Prey" et al.


Fun, oversize, coffee table book. Filled with great stills, many full page and in color. Along with Tyrone Power, others included are: Douglas Fairbanks, Rudolf Valentino, Ramon Novarro, John Barrymore, John Gilbert, Ronald Colman, Leslie Howard, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Charles Boyer, Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart, Robert Taylor, Alan Ladd, Robert Mitchum, Rock Hudson,Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood.

GREAT LOVERS OF THE MOVIES BY JANE MERCER [Filmographies reserach by Sandy Graham; Picture research by Sheila Whitaker] Crescent Books, NY. First Edition 1975. Out-of-Print. ISBN NO.: 0-517-131269
Courtesy of Linda. Thank you.

Among the actresses profiled (Evelyn Ankers, Claire Trevor, Fay Wray, Ann Shirley) is Annabella, Tyrone Power's 1st wife. Huge chapter at 143 pages written by Annabella, herself, and it's clear the love and affection she had for Power. Many extremely rare photos throughout.

Courtesy of Vicki. Thank you.

From the front flap: Did you know that Howard Hawks, Sir Winston Churchill and Groucho Marx are all connected by marriage? Or that Gloria Grahame, one of the screen's most famous floozies, is a descendant of King Edward III of England? In "Debrett Goes to Hollywood," Charles Kidd, editor of Debrett's Peerage, the standard guide to the aristocratic families of Europe, has combined his skills as a genealogical researcher with a lifelong passion for movies and Hollywood trivia to produce a fascinating look at the family ties of screenland. Links of blood and marriage have always united the entire movie colony---never more so than in the Golden Age.this book, which includes over forty genealogical tables, is the first to chart the hidden depths of Hollywood' complex familial networks..

DEBRETT GOES TO HOLLYWOOD by Charles Kidd; 11 page chapter on Tyrone Power [ISBN 0-312-00588-1]
Courtesy of Vicki. Thank you.

Gorgeous coffee table book by former actress turned photographer, Jean Howard. Text is by James Watters. She has a terrific sense of the casual, unposed, photo, and the results are splendid. Oversize hardcover with black and white photos. The Tyrone Power photos are on-set photos from, "The Prince of Foxes", the '49 wedding to Linda Christian (photos of the bride preparing), etc. Also some Hollywood at play photos of Power, wife Linda Christian and other film luminaries hobnobbing with the likes of Darryl Zannuck, etc.

JEAN HOWARD'S HOLLYWOOD: A Photo Memoir 284 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.17 x 12.16 x 9.20; Pub.: Abradale Press; ISBN: 0810982188; (September 2001).
[No Cover Image Available]
Courtesy of Vicki. Thank you.

First hand account on actor's experiences during the war, both in service and out. Tyrone Power commenting on Marine boot camp and his affair with Judy Garland; 6 page chapter. Out-of-Print.


Detailed biographical and career information of film stars from pre-war to the mid 60's. Entertaining, though a somewhat accerbic read of each major star from the aforementioned era. Shipman has a caustic, and at times questionable opinion, for each star; each and every film covered for each respective biography. Nicely illustrated. Companion Book to, "The Great Movie Stars: The International Years."

THE GREAT MOVIE STARS: THE GOLDEN YEARS; By David Shipman. Paperback: 623 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 9.73 x 1.62 x 7.35 Publisher: Little Brown & Company; ASIN: 0316784877; Reprint edition (June 1995)

The great director Rouben Mamoulian is studied in this scholarly British film book series entitled, "CINEMA ONE SERIES," put out in the 70?s. Power's, "The Mark of Zorro" and "Blood and Sand" are each analyzed and critiqued in their own respective chapters. Many excellent black and white photos.

ROUBEN MAMOULIAN by Tom Milne (#13); Pub.: Thames & Hudson in Association with the British Film Institute (London); 1st edition: 1969; 500-47012 (Hardcover); 500-48012 (Paperback)-UK Publication. Out-of-Print.

Other titles in series include: Jean-Luc Godard; Losey on Losey; Luchino Visconti; How It Happened Here by Kevin Brownlow; The New Wave: Critical Landmarks; Alain Resnais, or the Theme of Time; Howard Hawks; Billy Wilder; Signs and Meaning in the Cinema; Buster Keaton; Pasolini on Pasolini; Horizons West.

Fun book by the late, acerbic film critic/historian Leslie Halliwell, on his famous "100." Halliwell was a respected and sought-after critic, whose tomes were invaluable in many respects. For several years Halliwell appendiced his favorite 100 films in his many film guide books, and finally decided to devote a book to these select films, themselves. One may not always agree with his, at times acid-twinged opinions (he calls Power 'fat' as Zorro, for one!), but they are neverless great fun to read.

HALLIWELL'S HARVEST [A Further choise of Entertainment Movies from the Golden Age] By Leslie Halliwell; Pub.: Charles Scriber's & Sons; 441 pages; ASIN: 0684185180; 1st edition: (March 1986)

Click Here to Read Chapter on "The Mark of Zorro"

Filmaker series put out in the 1970's, with directors, authoring some of the books (!). Excellent, telling interviews between Dwan and Bogdanovich. Out-of-Print.

ALLAN DWAN; The Last Pioneer; By Peter Bogdanovich; Hardback: 200 pages ;Publisher: Praeger (1971).

Click Here to Read Allan Dwan's interview on "Suez"

Lana Turner's autobiography. Turner called T. Power the love of her life and the book chronicles their torrid affair in the late 40s when both were recently divorced from their respective spouses.

LANA TURNER: The Lady, the Legend, the Truth; Pub.: Outlet; ISBN: 0517447878; (August 1984). Out-of-Print but easily available through used bookstores, Amazon, eBay and other on-line book sources.

Power had an affair with Judy Garland in the early 40?s that turned out to be quite serious to the point where the former considered leaving his then wife, Annabella. Superbly reviewed biography and well written, as the author utilized sources that were previously untouched (amazingly so, considering that info. was always available to potential Garland researchers!). The Power/Garland chapters are vividly brought to life by Clarke.

GET HAPPY: THE LIFE OF JUDY GARLAND; By Gerald Clarke; Paperback: 528 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.39 x 9.23 x 6.14; Publisher: Delta; ISBN: 0385335156; (March 6, 2001).

Click Here to Read Chapter Excerts of the Power/Garland Affair

Nicely written 'double' biographical account by Myrna Loy assisted by James Kotsilibas-Davis (Kotsilibas-Davis is one of the foremost authorities of the Barrymore Family having published several books on the subject]

MYRNA LOY: Being and Becoming; By James Kotsilibas-Davis & Myrna Loy; [Hardcover] 528 pages ; Publisher: Borzoi [Published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.; ISBN: 0-394-55593-7; (1987).
Out-of-Print; Limited Availability Through

Click Here to Read Chapter Excert of Loy's On-Set account of "The Rains Came"

This series of what turned out to be 3 Vols. in all is one one of the best film books ever put out there. Few film historians write with the perception and wisdom that Danny Peary possesses. Enormously entertainint to boot, his books are practically required reading. Tyrone Power's "Nightmare Alley" is one of the many films selected. (Some other films include, "Some Like it Hot", "Sullivan's Travels", "A Clockwork Orange", "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", etc.)

CULT MOVIES; by Danny Peary; A Dell Trade Paperback; 1983; In Print.

Click Here to Read Chapter on "Nightmare Alley"

Nicely written slightly unusual tome on selected western films. Along with Power's "Jesse James" some other films featured are "Stagecoach", "Drums Along the Mohawk", "The Westerner", "They Died with their Boots On", "Duel in the Sun", "Red River" "High Noon" and many more.

THE MAKING OF THE GREAT WESTERNS; By William R. Meyer; Arlington House Publishers, NY; 1979; ISBN: 0-87000-431-X

Oversize, hardcover covering every film released by Twentieth Century Fox Studios from its inception in 1935 to the late 70's. A short synopsis and abbreviated cast/credit list for each film. Good source book though it's largely overshadowed in information by Internet sources. Nicely illustrated though, unfortunately, all photos are small. Out-of-Print.

"THE FILMS OF 20TH CENTURY FOX" Tony Thomas & Aubrey Solomon; Hardcover: 463 pages ; Publisher: Citadel Pr; ISBN: 0-8065-0719-5; First Edition; 1979; Out-of-Print; Limited Availability through Amazon.

MEMO FROM DARRYL F. ZANUCK: The Golden Years at Twentieth Century Fox; Selected, Edited, and Annotated by Rudy Behlmer. From 1935 to 1956; 216 Pages

From Publishers Weekly: Stanley Kubrick's The Killing touted as being "In All Its Fury and Violence...Like No Other Picture Since 'SCARFACE' and 'LITTLE CAESAR'!" Bay Area mystery writer Muller (his novel Shadow Boxer will be reviewed in the Dec. 9 issue of PW) describes the various styles employed by the studio system, all designed for, in the charming vernacular of theater owners, "putting asses in the seats"; the idiosyncratic promo for Sudden Fear has Joan Crawford staring luridly over a male figure's shoulder at a miniaturized Gloria Grahame embracing Jack Palance. With a clear love for and expertise in his subject matter, Muller tracks the evolution of the form through 275 posters (338 full-color illustrations in all), many of them full-page plates, which look nothing short of smashing in the book's oversize, 10 x 14 format. A series of foreign posters reveal how artists outside the studio system were able to convey a great deal of the films' psychological complexity in a single, giant image. The variety, style and color here, representing films familiar (The Postman Always Rings Twice) and forgotten (The Big Tip Off, starring Cathy Downs), will be enticing to any fan of noir or mid-century American history.

ART OF NOIR: The Posters and Graphics from the Classic Era of Film Noir. Hardcover: 256 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.95 x 14.28 x 10.60 Publisher: Overlook Press; ISBN: 1585670731; (October 24, 2002)

Despite the drop-dead gorgeous reproductions in this photography book, the creme de la creme are the written comments and observations by Hurrell, himself, on the different photographic sessions. A real treat and of course it has the famous Loretta Young/Power photo on the cover..

50 YEARS OF PHOTOGRAPHING HOLLYWOOD: THE HURRELL STYLE [Photographs by George Hurrell]; Text by Whitney Stine; The John Day Co., NY; 1976; ISBN: 0-381-98293-9

Click Here to Read Hurrell's account of this famous photographic session

FANS STAR LIBRARY No. 37: LIFE STORY TYRONE POWER. A mini-mag. Series put out in the 50's and 60's. Tyrone Power?s was No. 37. A gem of an item really as it's chock-full of black and white photos (many of them rare). Nicely written-contains some revelatory items; 64 pages. Will show up on eBay periodically.

Wonderful 13 page article on Tyrone Power's career from the now unfortunately defunct magazine, "FILMS IN REVIEW""; JANUARY 1959. Nice (albeit small) black and white photos througout article. Available from good libraries and will show up on auction sites periodically.

Wonderful rarely seen photos mark this nostalgia-oriented, bi-monthly, film magazine. The articles are always extremely thorough, with complete filmographies. They frequently cover obscure/little known actors of the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's. BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE THROUGH: FILMS OF THE GOLDEN AGE; P.O. Box 809; Muscatine, IA 52761. Also excellent is their sister, newspaper-like, magazine, "Classic Images".

TYRONE POWER ARTICLE is in WINTER 1997/98 Issue, No. 11. 7 pages.

Commemorative Spanish magazine/book put out in the 1980's.

American Movie Classics Magazine (i.e. channel schedule). Colorful, 8 x 11 monthly movie schedule for American Movie Classics TV Channel. Despite the fact that these are essentially glorified TV schedules, the photos are rare and brilliantly reproduced while the articles are thoughtfully written. Do not overpay for back issues in venues such as eBay. The are available from the publishers, at the following address at the exceedingly low cost of $2.00: Phone: (614) 375-2310. www.amctv.com

TYRONE POWER APPEARED IN THE JANUARY 1992 ISSUE (pictured at left). Also contains article. There is ALSO A POWER ARTICLE IN THE MAY 1990 issue (with Bette Davis on the cover).

"ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST," April 1994. Not sure about back issues for this one any more, but it shows up on eBay all the time & certainly the old standby of used book stores can yield results also. Called, Hollywood-At-Home, specifically it features, "rare unpublished photographs.." of stars from Hollywood's heyday (i.e. Jean Harlow, John Barrymore, Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., W. C. Fields, etc.). Tyrone Power's chapter is called, "The Razor's Edge Star at His Brentwood Mansion" [Architecture by Paul Williams; Article Text by Steven M. L. Aronson]. Five page article with many black and white pics. (Actually, "20th Century Fox" is represented by a chapter dedicated to Fox head, himself, Darryl Zanuck ("The Producer-Director's Beach House.")